Hi, I’m Claudia Castro

I’m an owner and operator of a vacation rental in Northern California’s wine country called Sonoma Wine Nest. As California natives, my husband and I are passionate about recommending all that California has to offer, especially wine and food.

I work full time at Getty Images.

And so it starts.

All I wanted to do was accomplish my first book and the next thing I’m doing is learning how to create videos.

Isn’t this the new era? Nowadays, creating ideas has to be all over the internet.  Your business has to speak in digital languages to be effective but when I think about all the misconceptions of diet, health, and foods, I’m compelled to say something.  I’m compelled to learn all these new digital languages.

Actually, we live in a world of misconceptions. If we’re not careful, we can be led down the wrong path physically, mentally and spiritually by what is on the Internet, TV, and everywhere we’re exposed to by just driving down the street. Can you say, Las Vegas?

After starting and stopping a blog for nearly ten years, (yes it’s been that long and yes, I know it’s taken awhile), the fruits of my labor are finally budding. I’ve completed 26 Days; A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and What You Need to Know, a book on how I truly was able to transform my diet even though that’s not what it looks like in the beginning. You wouldn’t know it in the first 26 days, but the lessons in the experience were lasting. And that’s my point. If you were looking for perfection or you’re trying to find some kind of role model in how you can become perfect, I hate to disappoint you.

And with that, I’d actually like to talk about what we accept as normal everyday knowledge that is so common, that we actually believe our so called knowledge of what we know to be true. Like for example when I heard someone say that living paycheck to paycheck was normal.

I had to sit and think about that for a while when I realized that it’s not normal to live paycheck to paycheck. It’s common, but not normal.

Perhaps you think I’m trying to start a debate when actually, I’m trying to start the conversation.  Let’s start having these conversations with each other. Let’s rationalize the beliefs we’ve had of what we think is true and perhaps we will lead a brighter future.

Hi. My name is Claudia Castro.


Today more than ever, we have the opportunity to try different foods created in unique ways. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. What a great time to learn about foods and especially plants! There are so many shifts in diets that meat is now ordered as “protein.” Do you know the many different variety of plants there and how much protein you can get from them or are you bored with having to decide between a salad and your favorite foods?

What I learned in 26 days about a “plant-based diet” was remarkable. It is not only healthy but it taught me a lot of what I don’t know about fruits and vegetables. I consider myself a decent cook but when I really tried a plant-based diet, I documented, influenced, changed my behaviors and ultimately found myself choosing healthier options.

After documenting my experience, I submitted it to a publisher who agreed to publish this with me. I offer recipes only to show you what kind of transitional recipes I came up with during this process. What you will find is that you really don’t need a recipe book – just your cell phone.

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